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Lupus WolfRide Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are the life-blood of our events. We could not be successful and run the Lupus WolfRide safely and effectively without our many volunteers. The WolfRide is by far our most challenging event as far as logistics goes. It has historically been on the first Saturday of August (one of the hottest weekends all year).

It takes more than 100 volunteers to put on the Lupus WolfRide. Many of the jobs can be done with groups and in shifts. 

Volunteer Parking will be at Gegge Elementary MAP LINK

Ride Day
On Saturday morning, we begin Set Up at 5AM, registration begins at 7AM and the Start time is 8AM. We require a 6 man team to construct the gate fencing and trusses for the start/finish and hanging the sponsor banners. We use another 8-10 volunteers to stage the rest stop supplies and put up tents table and chairs. We use 6-10 volunteers for registration.

The Start/Finish is at Lion's Park and we have a pavilion as well as canopy tents for the registration, sponsors, and Net Control (communications center).

The route is a 30/50/70 mile course options with Rest/Refuel Stops approximately 10-15 miles apart. These rest stops are sponsored and manned by 4-8 volunteers throughout the ride. 

We provide Street Marshals at questionable intersections for safety purposes. The street marshals will be out in 1-2 hour shifts with little to no protection from the sun, so these volunteers have to be aware of the temperatures and use their vehicles for getting respite from the heat. 

Volunteers will receive a BBQ meal ticket and a cool t-shirt. 

The Rest Stops are shut down systematically as the last rider completes the course. We begin Clean-up and Tear Down at around 2 PM. 

Please consider supporting us by volunteering.

Together we can tame the wolf!

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